China Tech Day – 25 November 2021

Partnering with INSEAD CDC and BGTA, Asia Europe Club was excited to hold the INSEAD CHINA Technology Day on Thursday, 25th November

China’s technology sector has seen remarkable growth in the past few decades. Its digital economy is now worth around 30% of its GDP, providing significant domestic and international players opportunities. 


2 December 2017

INSEAD China Business Dialogue – Connecting China and the World – (Singapore)

Asia Europe Club is proud to host INSEAD China Business Dialogue.

The Dialogue will focus on China Model – globalization and regional implementation. We will invite several business leaders, professors, etc. who have in-depth knowledge of and experiences in China as a keynote speaker, panelist, and moderator. The Dialogue will bring participants with a deep understanding of business in China and opportunities for networking.

Topic 1: Opportunities and Challenges for China’s Globalization Strategy

Topic 2: Business Solutions to Social Problems in Emerging Markets

10 October 2017

Lecture about Singapore Employment Market by the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (Singapore)

Asia Europe Club invited French Chamber of Commerce experts to share their view about the employment market in Singapore.