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– INSEAD Consulting Club –

Welcome to INSEAD Consulting Club 

Striving to continuously support our peers so that you can be successful in consulting recruitment.

What is ICC ?

 ICC is one of the most active clubs on campus and consists of both existing and prospective consultants who are keen to contribute to the school. We supply a spectrum of services and information throughout the year in a variety of forms so that our peers can be suitably prepared when it comes to applying for consulting jobs.

Our Mission Statement

“To create and maintain a strong and lasting relationship with consulting firms, in order to assist INSEAD MBA participants to explore careers in consulting and to help them effectively prepare for the recruiting process.”


  • Assist INSEAD MBA participants in preparing for consulting job interviews
  • Provide insightful information about the consulting industry
  • Organize events on and off campus in coordination with consulting firms (e.g. Panels, information sessions, informal and formal coffee chats and treks)

Industry Profile

Business consulting is the practice of helping organisations to improve their performance by providing advice to firms who need access to a scope of expertise outside of their own firm  It is a popular career choice for newly qualified MBAs as it offers a steep learning curve, exposure to a wide variety of industries and clients and therefore current challenges and experiences in the business world.

There are many types of consultants: Strategy consultants, Business consultants, Technology consultants, IT consultants, Marketing consultants. Consultants may be hired by a company who wishes to launch a product in a new geography. Consultants may be hired to work on a new positioning strategy for a major health care company. A consultant may be a developer focusing on a recently merged company’s network and systems, projecting the steps towards a successful integration.

It is important to remember that there are many slight variations to this role referred by the term “consultant”.  The best definition is probably: A professional analyst who assists major corporations in understanding complex business issues and strategically developing and/or executing an action plan to address them.

Type of Consulting

While there are countless ways to classify the services that consultants provide and there is the realisation that the industry will continually adapt to serve client needs, below is a list of some well-defined categories in the business:

  • Strategy Formulation (Markets, products, channels)
  • Change Management (Organizational design, HR policy)
  • Operations (Supply chain, distribution
  • Marketing (Research, branding)
  • Coaching (Leadership, one-on-one)
  • Merger & Acquisition (Valuation, negotiation)
  • Systems Implementation (SAP, Siebel, Internet)

Ways to Differentiate the various firms

Consulting as a career choice, often means making a significant change in work style, location, approach to problems and/or life balance. It is very important to consider the following factors when targeting firms for employment.

Primary Differentiation Issues 

Secondary Differentiation Issues

  • Lifestyle
  • Industry / Function
  • Generalist / Specialist
  • Service Integration
  • Prestige
  • Location / Travel
  • Training (Exposure to Leadership)
  • Vision and Team Approach
  • Clients
  • Career Path
  • Knowledge Value
  • Project Length

Some Consulting Hires at INSEAD

Ways INSEAD students can get involved with – Consulting Club –


There are several ways you can get involved with the Consulting Club:

  • As an INSEAD student, you are immediately signed up for our E-Mail distribution list. This will make sure that you are informed about all relevant activities of the INSEAD Consulting Club.
  • Participate in our events! Use the opportunity to improve your skills in workshops and case practices, as well as to network with consulting firms on treks and speaker panels.
  • Sign-up for Case Challenges organized together with Consulting firms to compete against other schools.
  • Come to our regular meetings & social events to learn more about what we do.
  • Join the current or future leadership committee and help organize events and activities. We are always keen to accept new members.

We welcome all INSEAD students who want to get involved in any way!