On 23 May 2024, the Football club organised a match between current MBA and EMBA students


IESE Spring Games 2024


April 2024


MIM24 vs. MIM HEC – 25 January 2024

On Thursday, January 25, 2024, the INSEAD football team embarked on a journey filled with sportsmanship as they faced off against HEC’s team. The anticipation was palpable as we boarded the bus from our campus to theirs, eager for the friendly competition that awaited us.  The journey commenced seamlessly thanks to the excellent organization and the comfort of the bus provided. It was a testament to the meticulous planning and dedication of our leadership, ensuring that every aspect of the trip was taken care of, allowing us to focus solely on the game ahead.

As the match unfolded, both teams showcased their skills and determination, keeping spectators entertained for the entire game. Despite the intense competition, the final score stood at 3-1 in favor of our team. It was a hard-fought victory, with moments where victory seemed uncertain, but our perseverance prevailed, securing the well-deserved win. However, amidst the celebrations, our joy was tempered by the unfortunate injury sustained by Eliott, who tore his ACL during the game. Our thoughts are with him, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

For us, this victory held a special significance as it served as a “revenge” for the basketball game, where HEC emerged victorious. It was a sweet moment of redemption, further fuelling the friendly rivalry between our institutions.  Following the game, amidst handshakes and congratulations, both teams seized the opportunity for networking and fostering new connections. It was a testament to the power of sports in bringing people together beyond the field of play, forging bonds that extend far beyond the game itself.

Special recognition must be extended to Nils, who led the team as captain on his birthday, exemplifying leadership and dedication, and to Juan, the MVP of the match, who scored a sensational brace (one of which from midfield!), leading us to the victory. Additionally, we extend our gratitude to Bain, our sponsor, whose generous contribution made our team’s journey and success possible. Their support, both financial and moral, is invaluable and deeply appreciated.

In conclusion, the friendly game against HEC was not just about the final score but about the spirit of competition and sportsmanship that defines such encounters. It was a memorable experience that showcased the best of both teams and left us eagerly awaiting future encounters on the field of play.

IESE Spring Games 2023


April 2023

INSEAD Football Team… number 1!!!!

MIM23 vs LBS team

January 2023

​MIM23s travelled to London, England, to play a friendly game against the London Business School MIM team on January 21st  2023.  After the match, the two MIM cohorts celebrated with some food and beers in Mayfair!

Football Tournament – MIM Team

October 2022

MIM22s came back to Fonty to battle MIM23s on the football pitch. MIM22s fought for victory until the end, but MIM23s were ready and won the match thanks to the beautiful goals of Fabian and Alexandre. After the event, the two MIM cohorts went to celebrate with some pizzas, the best way possible!

FootMIMoct22 PIC

Football Tournament – MIM Team

January 2022

The INSEAD Football Club (IFC) MiM team traveled to London, England to play a friendly against the London Business School MiM team on January 31st (1st picture).  They followed this trip up with a match against the HEC MiM team in Jouy-en-Josas on February 2nd (2nd picture).  

MIM Picture 1 PIC
MIM Picture2 PIC

Football Tournament

11-12 Sept 2021

The MBA’22Js represented INSEAD at the MBA Football tournament organized by SDA Bocconi in Milan. This tournament gathered 8 European Business Schools. 


Juan Diego Gavidia Tushar Shrimali
Shahmir Mirza Can Guven
Rodrigo Funes Agustín Kearney
Felipe Comi Guido Errazurriz
Daniel de la Hera López Robert Esnouf
Anurag Jain Karim Kabbani
Matt Disher  

INSEAD Football Club Speaker Series: Innovation at PSG

21 May 2021

A discussion with Mathieu Lancôme, Head of Research and Innovation at PSG which is a global football brand and leader. Mathieu will cover the innovation at PSG and data analytics for performance including strategy, execution, and use cases.

“Business of Football” Speaker Series

24 March 2021

“Barcelona Innovation Hub” with Felipe Monteiro, Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy & Academic Director, Global Talent Competitiveness Index, and Javier Sobrino, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at FC Barcelona & INSEAD MBA’02J.