INSEAD Global Leadership Club

Welcome to Global Leadership Club


The Global Leadership Club is organised by MBA & MIM students at INSEAD to bring distinguished global leaders to interact with students.

We seek to pursue and embody the values ascribed in INSEAD’s motto: business for good. We believe there is much to learn from leaders who have already demonstrated their willingness, and aptitude in building such a world.

They have built businesses, led global corporations and had a significant impact on the lives of many.
They have knowledge to pass on to the next generation.
This is the basis on which the INSEAD Global Leader Series has been established.

We look to invite the highest achievers in business, social change and personal development from around the world to address MBA & MIM students at INSEAD.

We believe we can learn most from those who have made a difference.

Three ways INSEAD students can get involved with the INSEAD Global Leadership Club

1. Sign up to the club email distribution list. The club sign up will be available during orientation week. Email us at [email protected] if you missed us and would like to be included.

2. Come to our regular meetings & social events to learn more about what we do. These will be advertised by posters and emails in advance and everyone is welcome.

3. Join the committee and help run the club. We are always keen to take on board anyone who has the enthusiasm to help us push forward the club agenda.