INSEAD Entrepreneurship Club 

Business as a force for good

Welcome to the INSEAD Entrepreneurship Club (IEC)

Entrepreneurs and innovators create businesses, which fuel economic growth, lift people out of poverty, and fill economies with new products and services. INSEAD believes that a rich and flexible entrepreneurship education is invaluable for students pursuing the MBA programme, and incorporates entrepreneursip into all dimensions of the student journey.

The INSEAD Entrepreneurship Club (IEC) serves to channel this entrepreneurial mindset through the following goals : 

Foster ideas generation and Start-up creation

Through a series of events and resources, the IEC encourages and helps MBA students and other members of the INSEAD community to bring their idea to life. 

Promote Entrepreneurship spirit in all Business

The IEC aims to promote Entrepreneurship both in startups and in large corporations by highlighting traditional entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

Inform the INSEAD community about the business landscape and future trends

The IEC brings together different sources of information to keep the INSEAD community updated of the current and future developments in the field. 

Some successful INSEAD Start-Ups


Alessia Fontanari, MBA’20J – 40th IVC Winner.

We are creating the one port of call for all extreme sports enthusiasts to discover off-the-beaten-track destinations and experience them with the locals. Our mission is to develop extreme sport tourism in remote locations as a way to bring economic growth in a responsible manner, respecting the environment and making local communities thrive.


Luca Verre, MBA’14J,

Inspired by human vision, Prophesee’s technology  uses a patented sensor design and AI algorithms  that mimic the eye and brain to reveal what was invisible until now using standard frame-based technology. 


Anna Miklas, MBA’20D

Out of Office Spaces is an innovative remote work subscription for professionals and teams to work from London’s top hotels.


Taavet Hinrikus, MBA’10D

Banks charge a lot for foreign-currency transfers. TransferWise doesn’t.
We use real exchange rates to help expats, foreign students and businesses wire money securely, conveniently, and at a very low cost.
Finally, a financial service built for people, not banks.