Welcome to the Indevor Club


Club Vision

Inspire and foster the INSEAD community to embrace an integrated perspective and drive positive social and environmental change.



INSPIRE: Raise awareness amongst the INSEAD community.
EMPOWER: Provide all INSEADers with skills, opportunities and platforms for creating a sustainable impact.
INTEGRATE: Bring together the INSEAD community (students, alumni and faculty) and unleash the synergies of the INSEAD ecosystem (institutes, other student business clubs, CDC, Executive Education) around social and environmental impact themes.



  • INDEVOR was founded in 1993
  • INDEVOR is one of the oldest organizations at INSEAD
  • Member of Net Impact Network
  • Guided by the Alumni Board
  • In close cooperation with INSEAD Faculty, Social Innovation Centre and Social Entrepreneurship Initiative
  • Strong network of INDEVOR alumni around the world