INSEAD Investment Management Club

Welcome to INSEAD Investment Management Club 

About Us

INSEAD’s Investment Management Club (IMC) is a student-led club that helps MBA candidates pursue their interest in investment management. Club members engage in experiential learning through active investment and through relationship-building within the investment community. By investing real money, students engage in many of the challenges that face professional investors every day: teamwork across multiple global offices, research with limited time and resources, and decision-making in the face of uncertainty. Members have the opportunity to develop relationships with the investment community through educational events and investor conferences. IMC is about experiential learning, professional relationships, and real investing.



Weekly club gatherings encourage dialogue between members on current issues and investment philosophies. These gatherings also serve as a way to meet students across the two promotions at INSEAD. We also coordinate regular mixers with alumni, to help members get to know the club community better. With associates from some of the most renowned firms in investing, these mixers bring together diverse perspectives and promote innovative idea-exchange.



IMC hosts speakers from top-tier investment managers to discuss career development. The club works proactively with INSEAD’s Career Development Centre to bring in firms for on-campus recruitment and networking. The club advertises full-time and internship opportunities that are not available through the INSEAD Career Development Centre website. We also help connect incoming students with experienced students and alumni within the investment profession. Various events such as networking lunches, investment treks and CV review workshops are also organized. These career-related activities give club members a definite advantage in their career search.


The Salamander Fund

The Salamander Fund is an active, multi-asset class portfolio run by the INSEAD IMC. Any club member can make an investment proposal to the acting fund manager during the club meetings, where all attendees can participate, ask questions, and comment on the investment proposal.

Three ways INSEAD students can get involved with INSEAD Investment Management Club

1. List of ways. Sign up to the club email distribution list. The club sign up will be available during orientation week. Click here to email the club if you missed us and would like to be included.

2. Come to our regular meetings & social events to learn more about what we do. These will be advertised by posters and emails in advance and everyone is welcome.

3. Join the committee and help run the club. We are always keen to take on board anyone who has the enthusiasm to help us push forward the club agenda.