We were honored to held the first MENA Conference at INSEAD on Tuesday 8th February from 14:00 to 17:00 CET (Online).

3 panels:

  • Energy and sustainability, discussing latest developments, such as the $4.5bn Engie and Masdar alliance for the joint development of a green hydrogen facility in the UAE.
  • Palestinian Tech Ecosystem: Ambar Amleh and Rateb H. Rabi will introduce the latest developments in the Palestinian Tech ecosystem, which has been gaining significant momentum recently.
  • MENA Entrepreneurs: Talal Taba’a and Ismail Belkhayat (ex-BCG, $100M valuation) will present their journey founding and growing startups in the region, and share views on how the rise of startups can accelerate the adoption of e-commerce and blockchain technology.

MENA Virtual Trek 2021

Virtual trek series in Feb – Apr 2021 with objective of expanding career opportunities available to INSEAD students looking to recruit in MENA region. Following is the list of companies till now –

28 February – First Abu Dhabi Bank, Myra Investments