Frequently Asked Questions

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What is it like to be LGBTQ+ at INSEAD?

Inclusion and diversity are a part of the school’s DNA. Peers, faculty, and the administration have shown strong support for the community and LGBTQ+ issues.

Should I be out in my application? If so, how?

YAAAAS! Being out in your application will not hurt you. If you moonlight as a drag queen, let the school know. Being out helps the admissions team better understand you as a candidate.

You can show your connection to the LGBTQ+ community by writing about it in your essays, talking about your experiences in your video, or by including your accomplishments in the community in your CV.

How is the scene in Fontainebleau and Singapore?

In Fontainebleau, the scene is more wildlife than nightlife. If you’re looking for bears and otters, you may be disappointed to find mostly boars and deer. While the bar scene near campus is relatively tame, Paris is only a short train ride away. Moreover, there’s always something going on/off-campus every day – you won’t be bored.

In Singapore, the local scene is more vibrant. Despite the difficult legal situation, Singapore has a few well-populated clubs and gay bars  – just be prepared to pay $12 USD for a beer. There is also a significant LGBTQ+ expat community from around the world, many of which are of marriage material. And who knows, one of them might buy a beer for you. If the local scene does not fully satisfy your hunger for parties, Asia’s gay capitals Bangkok and Taipei are only a short flight away.

What should my partner expect at INSEAD?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who conveniently forgot to mention that INSEAD wasn’t – strictly speaking – “in Paris.” Nevertheless, there are tons of activities to keep your partner busy. Many INSEAD students bring their partners with them, and they are welcome at almost any event on campus. Be careful though – they may end up being more popular than you.

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How does OUTSEAD support its members?

Members of OUTSEAD will always swipe right on you. We sponsor many social events throughout the year including nights out in Paris and belting out Mariah Carey at karaoke. Professionally, we organize LGBT-specific recruiting events with top firms throughout the year.

Do I have to be out to join OUTSEAD?

Being out is not required. We have many members who are only comfortable being out to close friends and fellow members. While we encourage all of our members to be visible members of the LGBTQ+ community, we recognize that everyone is in a different situation and we understand that.

I would like to know more, who should I contact?

If you’re looking for more tea and shade, email us.  We are looking forward to talking to you!