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The world of consumer retail is now being defined in new ways that have evolved with shifting demographics, socioeconomics, and digital landscapes, facing changes at places that have never been encountered before.


Founded in October 2008 on both campuses with currently more than 1,250 active members, the RCLG Club brings together alumni, industry leaders, INSEAD students and experts to explore the new frontiers in this creative, fast-moving industry. The club organizes activities to strengthen students’ career opportunities and to bring forth discussions that drive the future of retail, consumer & luxury world.

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The primary objectives of the Club are to attract global members of the consumer and luxury goods industries to INSEAD whilst marketing & promoting INSEAD as a source of talent. We aim to create the platform in which INSEAD students and community members who are passionate about the industry can interact with one another both socially and professionally through several activities and the Annual Global Forum Event, as well as educating and updating club members and other interested stakeholders in subjects and trends relevant to the industries

The Future of Luxury

Exclusive insights from the club’s past forum talk on how the world’s leading consultant view the market dynamics that will shape the world of luxury retail in 2020 and beyond.

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