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Students and industry professionals can get involved with the RCLG Club through our year-round
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The Annual Global
Luxury Forum

Every year, RCLG brings together global leaders, entrepreneurs and industry pioneers to explore the rapid changes of consumers across the world and discuss how to create value in this fast-changing landscape.

Career Treks


We seek to connect students with opportunities in the retail, luxury, beauty, consumer goods and spirits industries through company visits.

Talks, Seminars
& Workshops

All year round, our the club
leadership team, INSEAD career service
and corporate partners also organize talks, workshops, and discussions on the industry's latest developments and insights.


The INSEAD RCLG Global Luxury Forum is a place of constructive dialogue and debate between business executives from leading luxury companies, young talent, startups as well as professionals from academic, consulting and investment communities. This year’s event is focused on the forced evolution of the luxury industry driven by the FUTURE CUSTOMER.

This unique Parisian event gathers world class speakers for a discussion on the major disruptions and innovations expected to shape the luxury industry. Now is the time to forge new relationships that will create value for customers and business stakeholders alike.

Beyond the INSEAD network, the RCLG Global Luxury Forum is particularly interesting for students pursuing Marketing, Business Development, Digital Integration and Communications. As an attendee, you will bear witness to avant garde discussions regarding technological disruption of the space, while mingling with power players in the luxury industry.

Students will also have the opportunity to showcase their unique talents through an intra-day competition judged by our corporate sponsors. The day will be concluded with a champagne networking cocktail.


Join us for an afternoon featuring an all-star lineup of industry leaders and a rich dialogue on the latest trends shaping retail today.

About this event
The INSEAD Retail, Consumer and Luxury Goods Club is pleased to host the 2021 Global Luxury Forum on Wednesday, November 24th. The theme of this year’s event is Changing Customers, exploring the disruptive trends and paradoxes facing today’s businesses – how to balance digital and in-store experience, big data and intuition, and sustainability and profitable growth. The speaker line-up includes industry leaders from FARFETCH, L’Oreal, Richemont, Vestiaire Collective, McKinsey and more.

This event will take place virtually and is open to all INSEAD students, alumni and the professional community. The sessions will not be recorded. Registration is free for all attendees.

Please see below for more information on the schedule of events. A complete brochure with final agenda and speaker bios will be sent to attendees two days before the event.

Please reach out to the club here for any questions.



insead-global-luxury-day 2020

L’art du métier – The futur series

Ten years ago luxury might have meant purchasing a gold Rolex, buying a Birkin or warming up with some Loro Piana cashmere. Customers would simply go to the store and buy a product of their choosing. Today however, luxury is being redefined as consumers put greater emphasis on experience, both digital and physical. How would luxury be defined today, how is it changing to put the message across and evoke emotional response? 

The RCLG Club is doing things differently on this particular year. How so? Luxury plays an integral role of the fashion business, it not only stirs, but creates the demand, the desire, it sets trends. But this year we want to open the doors to start-ups, digital leaders, and fashion industry disruptors to trigger the interesting dialogue between the two worlds.



DATE: October 10th 2020,  09h00 – 18h00


  • Fontainebleau campus (for INSEAD students only)
  • Online

4 exclusive panels:

  • Disruptive Luxury Businesses
  • The Beauty of Craftmanship
  • Creative Product Development and Innovation
  • Digital Customer Experiences and Services



The Retail, Consumer & Luxury Goods Club seeks to connect students with opportunities in the retail, luxury, beauty, consumer goods and spirits industries through company visits.  The leadership team actively works with INSEAD’s career service and alumni network to organize career treks to target companies who are interested in hiring MBAs. 

Some Career Treks that have been organized in the past include Louis Vuitton, Gucci, DFS, and Burberry.


Hong Kong trek: 

Organized by RCLG Leadership team, students from both the J & D cohorts got the chance to visit some spectacular companies and interact with brilliant people during the visit to HongKong. 

Some of the companies visited include: Lacoste, Adidas, LF sourcing & Heinz


Talks & Seminars

  • Career Workshops

The Retail, Consumer & Luxury Goods Club seeks to improve understanding for students with little prior knowledge of the RCLG industries but with an interest to move into these sectors. The leadership team and career service center works together to meet with interested students to work on their CVs, improve interviewing skills, identify functional targets and focus search.


  • Peer-to-Peer Panels

The Retail, Consumer & Luxury Goods Club invites current students from both promotions who have thorough experience in the retail, beauty, consumer and luxury goods industries to share their stories, opinions and advice with club members.


  • Talks & Discussions 

The club also works in collaboration with the school, as well as our corporate partners and alumni association to bring interesting talks and discussion from the industry’s experts on the latest development in the consumer retails and luxury world. 

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