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Impacts of COVID-19 on the Customer Experience

Meet Mathilde Meudec and Agathe Parette consultants at Adone Conseil, a consulting firm specialised in supporting major players from the Luxury, Retail and Hospitality sectors with their digital transformation. For this episode our two consultants explain more about the Impact of the pandemic on the customer experience.

This is Sceona – no guilt, no compromise. Sustainable jewellery brand in the making

Meet Matthieu Chauveau, co-founder of Sceona, a new and dazzling sustainable jewellery brand.  Tune in to learn more about his entrepreneurial journey, from inspirations to the final product, and which bumps he met along the way.

What other industries can learn from fashion and luxury industries by Professor Frederic Godart

1. In a time where fast-fashion has taken the lead, High end luxury and fashion companies have gone back to the Art du Metier and the Craftsmanship of their products. Can other industries learn from that and go back to the authentic source of the products/services they sell?2. People are looking for customisation, personalisation in these days but in other industries such as Food and Beverage as well as other industries – there is still this culture of mass-production. How can other industries learn about adapting to each and every customer for a personalised journey. 3. Fashion brands are investing a lot of their marketing power on digitalisation – Some industries don’t invest as much in the digital revolution, social media, programmatic media and are still promoting their products in a more traditional way – TV/Radio/Ads on the road/Door to Door.

Data & Analytics in the luxury space: a hate/love relationship by Professor David Dubois

Many boutiques are investing much more on e-commerce in the time of COVID and closing down some physical stores – more data is going to be available for Luxury brands in the near future. What do you think are going to be the next big challenges vs. opportunities for companies handling this data?Luxury shoppers love the entire experience rather than just buying the product – how can data be used to cater to consumer experiential preferences?Since 2018, since the entry in force of GDPR, people argue that in Europe protecting the data of the consumers are excessively strict vs. in the US the data protection isn’t as enforced. How can luxury European brands adapt to new laws and leverage their cross-border relation/collaboration with the US.In the time of COVID, where travel has become more much restricted, how can data be used to entice the Global Shopper (Chinese) to keep purchasing as many goods and services.

Watchmaking Panel – Times of Change with Piaget, Montblanc, IWC and Roger Dubuis

by Lorien Alecki | Piaget, Montblanc, IWC and Roger Dubuis (hosted by Chab Events)

INSEAD Global Luxury Forum 2020

Ten years ago luxury might have meant purchasing a gold Rolex, buying a Birkin or warming up with some Loro Piana cashmere. Customers would simply go to the store and buy a product of their choosing. Today however, luxury is being redefined as consumers put greater emphasis on experience, both digital and physical. How would luxury be defined today, how is it changing to put the message across and evoke emotional response? 

4 exclusive Panels:

  1. Disruptive Luxury Businesses
  2. The Beauty of Craftmanship
  3. Creative Product Development and Innovation
  4. Digital Customer Experiences

The Luxury Gate, Tips and Insights From Those Who Made It (Stephanie Lefoll, Cartier & L’Oréal)

In this episode meet Stephanie Lefoll, INSEAD MBA alumni with 20 years of experience in the luxury and cosmetic industry at Cartier & L’Oréal.She shares her experience in both organisations, her vision for the industry and tips to succeed as a luxury manager.Interview made by Lorien Alecki INSEAD MBA student and VP at the RCLG club.

Fashion & Blockchain with Reflaunt, Lukso, Everledger, Consensys and Woleet

Fashion has been experimenting with blockchain for quite some time, resulting in several successful collaborations and pilot projects – Consensys & LVMH, Consensys & Levis’, Everledger & Brilliant Earth, Chow Tai Fook, and Taylor Hart, Woleet and Kering, and so on!

by Julia Chinakaeva | Reflaunt, Lukso, Everledger, Consensys and Woleet

Digital Events with Chab Events by Alexis Lhoyer and Guillaume Chabrieres

Please join us to hear more about Chab Events! An event and experiential marketing company in Singapore, Paris, Bali and Cambodia telling us what their day to day looks like, how have they adapted themselves in the time of COVID and a focus on their new Chab Digital Labs!

Luxury in China Post Covid-19 by Jeffrey Sehl

Jeffrey Sehl talks to us about the current state of the China Luxury Market, New Consumer Journeys post COVID-19, Digital Comms Channels, Livestreaming and E-Commerce!

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