INSEAD Sailing Club

Welcome to INSEAD Sailing Club 

Our mission is to foster team spirit, leadership and global networking through sailing, and to increase awareness about the sailing and yachting industries – from boat manufacturing to global sports events.

We accomplish this mission through several activities:

  • MBA regattas
  • Leisure trips
  • “On-shore” events
  • Sailing & business events

The club welcomes the whole INSEAD community. No prior sailing experience is required as we encourage beginners to share our passion.

For any information request or other, please contact the club by email.

Sailing Basics & Rules

The chances you bump into someone else are certainly less than when you’re driving, but higher than when you’re flying. Nevermind the statistics: fact is that you have to know the rules when you’re out there. Less so on the open ocean but more close to harbors, you are likely to meet and be on collision course with another boat. Therefore, knowing the rules is essential:

ABC of Sailing

A good page to find out the very basics rules of sailing, including a section on weather. Quite shallow but complete.

US Sailing

The United States Sailing Foundation (USSF) exists to promote U.S. excellence in international competition.

Basic Sailing

Not as fancy as the ussailing site but it explains the rules well and limits it to the most important stuff.



Regatta sailing is certainly a little different from cruising. But it’s a lot of fun! There are plenty of MBA cups organized each year. With the basic rules and some tricks chances are you bring the trophy home.

The same website as above, but linking explicitly to regatta rules. You have to buy the book, but if you’re really interested in racing it may be worth the money.


Sailing Practice
A nice site with animated knots and other (more or less) important stuff.
More animated knots, including those you can use for climbing and other activities.


Weather Sites
German website with weather news for all of Europe.
If you sail in the US or the Carribean this site gives you a comprehensive overview of winds and forecasts.
The official meteorological website in France. There is a maritime forecast (the wind-map is difficult to read) section. Unfortunately only in French.
The official Swedish meterorological website. The good thing is, they have an English site. Be careful, the Swedes prefer m/s over Beaufort!


Facts (some more some less known)

– It is custom that the skipper of the boat not pay for lodging and food…
– If you call for help and are assisted by another boat, your savior has the right to claim your vessel in return
– An approximation for the max. speed in knots of a sailing boat is 75% its lenght in meters (8 meters = 6  knots)