INSEAD Sports & Business Club

Welcome to the Sport & Business Club 

Launched in 2005, our goal is to develop relationships between the companies in the Sport industry, the students and the faculty through conferences, treks and on-­campus events.

Sport inspires heroism and tragedy. It enthrals billions of fans each year and drives activity in industries from alcohol and media to FMCG and travel.
The Sports Business Club (SBC) aims to capture that emotion while giving students the opportunity to learn from the leaders behind sport’s greatest achievements.
From building and maintaining high-performance teams to managing fans and other stakeholders effectively, the SBC aims to be an inspiring, enjoyable and educational resource for everyone at INSEAD.
We will cover all aspects of sports : management, marketing, consulting and event organization.

Activities & Goals 

Type of activities :

Sport Trek  (e.g. one day to visit a sport agency, or a virtual trek …)
Panel discussions 
Guest speakers (former manager of football team, athletes…)

Careers :
Raise awareness of INSEAD profiles among potential employers
Increase the offers of Individual Study Projects with companies in the Sports industry
Offer networking event with INSEAD alumni in the Sports industry.