Welcome to ISIF

The INSEAD Student Impact Fund is a student initiative of global scope, targeting businesses across  every vertical including: Education, Healthcare, Energy and Sustainability, Food & Nutrition, Financial Inclusion and Urban Development.

We believe our investments are driving the change we would like to see in the world, in the spirit of business as a force for good 

The investments are characterized as follows:

  • Two 30-50K investments per year
  • Seed and Series A rounds

Join our community group chat on Telegram here: https://t.me/joinchat/2p0z4JSfYd8zMDBl 


“To provide a real life learning opportunity for INSEAD students to invest for good in early-stage social and environmental enterprises.”


The fund was  established with a mission to give students opportunity to invest for good, with the guidance of the faculty and professional advisors within the INSEAD alumni network.

Our scope includes deal screening, investment analysis, due diligence and portfolio management.Students gain an exceptional “on the job learning experience” and direct ownership of the investment process.

Three ways INSEAD students can get involved with ISIF


  1. Join our team and help run the club. We are always keen to take on board anyone who has the enthusiasm to help us push forward the club agenda. Apply to be a member of one of the 5 core activities: Deal Sourcing, Due Diligence, Impact Assessment, Portfolio Management and Fundraising. 


  1. Come to our conferences & social events to learn more about impact investing. These will be advertised by posters and emails in advance and everyone is welcome.


  1. Join the community and interact with alumni and professors.



1. What does ISIF do?

ISIF provides students with a real life learning opportunity to invest for good in early stage social and environmental enterprises. The club partners with Loyal VC, an early-stage VC based in Canada, founded by INSEAD alumni. Each team works with the relevant Loyal contacts directly, led by their respective VP. 

2. How do I apply?

If interested to join, fill out the Google form: https://forms.gle/PmgHw2ZPh98VxnMi7  [requires CV and motivations] 

We are currently running an early recruitment round before classes start. Please submit your application before August 7, 2021 to be considered. We will conduct interviews in parallel. 

If you are interested in leadership, please mark this in the application itself.

Another round of recruitment will be conducted in late September.

3. What does each team actually do? (5 teams)

  • Deal Sourcing – works with Loyal to conduct due diligence on impact-focused startups that come into the pipeline, either through us or through Loyal’s existing channels. Team puts together a recommendation for each startup and reports out to the Investment Committee each month. 


  • Due Diligence – conducts extensive due diligence on startups that are already in Loyal’s portfolio and are eligible for follow-on investment. Team puts together a recommendation and reports out for one startup each period. 


  • Impact Assessment – measures and assesses the impact each venture has, with particular focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Team works with both the Deal Sourcing and Due Diligence teams to build a quantitative and qualitative assessment for each startup.


  • Portfolio Management – conducts mini consulting projects for the startups in Loyal’s portfolio, with an emphasis on matching the team’s skills to the startups requesting help


  • Fundraising – works with accredited investors in the market to make them aware of our partnership with Loyal and offer them the opportunity to invest