Women in VC: A Fireside chat with early-stage investors from byFounders


 Date: 28 September, 2022


2022 Climate Tech Series


In collaboration with the INSEAD Private Equity & Venture Capital, we are delighted to co-host an episode of the 2022 Climate Tech Series which will focus on investing in Food and AgriTech opportunities. Guest speakers will be Kanira Shah (MBA’16D) from Astanor Ventures, Jamie Walters from Calyxia, Andrew Carter from Smallhold and Sarah Heywood from Planet Farms.

Date: Thursday 15th June, 19.15 CEST

For further information, contact us.

Apples to Oranges: Valuations Webinar


 Date: 18 April, 2022

Our event on April 18th with INSEAD alumnus and founding partner of Loyal VC, Kamal Hassan covered a very important topic on “Apples to Oranges: Making sense of startup valuations”.

Teaming up with the INSEAD Student Impact Fund, this talk covered what a evaluators motives are, deal terms, the use of multiples and other topics.