Fontainebleau – INSEAD is expanding the Summer Start-Up Tour program to discover entrepreneurial hotspots and strengthen INSEAD’s ties to alumni in the start-up ecosystem.

Described as an “industry trek on steroids,” the Summer Start-Up Tour (‘SSUP) was started last year by two 17Ds, Akshay Goyle and Sebastien Barthelemy. The two toured Paris, London, Amsterdan and Berlin in a Volkswagen van interviewing entrepreneurs, VCs and angels in tech.

The two chronicled their journey and insights from 40 interviews in a blog, on Instagram, and on Facebook. 80% of the interviews were with INSEAD alums. The result: 4,000 blog reads from around the world, and 25,000 LinkedIn post impressions. 

This year, the program is open to up to 10 teams of 3 people, and is open to geographies beyond Europe. The tours will be supported by Digital@INSEAD and deputy dean Peter Zemsky. The school will provide financial support, and Akshay and Sebastien will provide mentorship.