January 25th: ’18J Sangya Kalia’s tech talk on her career in product and data analytics.

January 30th: Charles-Edouard Bouée, CEO of Roland Berger talks about the future of AI

January 31st: Excel workshop

February 5th: A presentation on augmented and virtual reality with Bain London Principal and Digital Champion George Dunnett.

February 9th: Tech Talk: “Intro to PM” by Alay Desai from Amazon and 

February 15th: Tableau seminar in Fontainebleau with Olivier Catherin, data visualization expert and CEO of Actinvision and presentation by Summer Start Up Tour ’17Ds.

February 16th: A talk on HR tech, the gig economy and tech platforms by Anu Shah, CEO of UShift, an on-demand staffing platform based in Singapore.

February 18th: SQL Seminar in Fontainebleau. 

February 20th: “Innovation at Google” by Carlo D’Asaro Biondo, President EMEA Partnerships, Google

March 2-6th: New York Trek. Visits to Uber, Google, LinkedIn, and many more!