INSEAD Africa Club

Welcome to INSEAD Africa Club

Our Club is dedicated to developing the business and human capital of the African continent within the INSEAD community. We welcome membership from all with an interest in the African continent.


The purpose of the INSEAD Africa Club is to increase awareness amongst the MBA community about the challenging yet exciting business and social impact opportunities in Africa today. We believe that Africa presents a viable mutually beneficial relationship in which MBA talent can find and engage in intriguing business prospects in Africa, which would serve to both enrich their global experience while satisfying the wider business needs of a growing continent. 


Dispelling of Africa Myth – “Telling the Truth about Africa”

  • Promote discussion of economic, political and social issues confronting individuals, businesses and organisations on the continent.

Business and work in Africa

  • Enhance understanding of how businesses and organisations operate in Africa.
  • Raise awareness of the INSEAD community about business, investment, social impact and other opportunities on the continent, with the aim of facilitating the harnessing of such opportunities.
  • Provide a forum for career opportunities for students interested in the region as well as employers seeking the skills of INSEAD graduates.

MBA admissions process support

  • Support INSEAD efforts to increase applications from and admittance of African students.
  • Support applicants through the admission process and prospective students in their integration into the INSEAD community via the INSEAD Africa Student Ambassadors program.

Africa academic content

  • Encourage integration of Africa content into the INSEAD business education curriculum, with focus on enrichening this with more Africa-focused business cases, examples and classes.


  • Build relationships among INSEAD students interested in Africa as well as with similar networks at other leading business schools to share events, resources and speakers.

Africa Initiative

  • Support INSEAD Africa Initiative.


Four ways INSEAD students can get involved with INSEAD Africa Club

1. Sign up to the club email distribution list. The club sign up will be available during orientation week. Click here to email the club if you missed us and would like to be included.

2. Follow us on our “INSEAD Africa Club” LinkedIn page and get in touch with us to receive an invite to our Telegram group.

3. Come to our regular club and social events. These will typically be advertised via email, Telegram and LinkedIn. Everyone is welcome.

4. Join and support our leadership team in the running of the club. We are always keen to hear ideas and suggestions from anyone who has the enthusiasm to help us push forward the club agenda.