Welcome to INSEAD Rugby Club

The INSEAD Rugby Club is a co-ed touch rugby club where all skill levels are welcome – from ex international rugby players to complete first timers. The INSEAD Rugby Club is one of INSEAD’s largest clubs. The club is also one of the most active clubs on campus with weekly trainings and social events, and domestic and international travel tours.


Schedules & Fixtures


While, in Fontainebleau, trainings are typically every Monday (7:30-9:00pm) and Thursday (8:00-9:30pm), please join our Club Channel to learn about the latest training schedules, as these may vary depending on field availability. For people new to rugby, we will run an explanation session to help integrate you into the great game, everyone of all levels is welcome.  Additionally, on Thursday after training, we all head for Pizzas, Beers & Wines at Pizza MiMis.

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The club tries to organize a tour at least twice a year to play against other European MBA Clubs including IESE, LBS, IE, and others! These tours combine the best of rugby and the INSEAD MBA and are the highlight of any season.

The INSEAD Rugby Club also participates in broader MBA events including the Spring Games in April in Barcelona and the MBA Olympics hosted by HEC.

About Rugby

Touch Rugby is a (mostly) contactless version of rugby, and requires skill and speed to succeed, rather than the brute strength of rugby. 

The basic rules are: 

  • Teams are typically made up of 6-8 players 
  • Each possession consists of 6 touches. A “touch” is where the defendar touches the opponent who has the ball in hand 
  • After each touch, the attacker must place the ball on the ground. Another member then picks up the ball and the possession continues 
  • Defendars must retreat 5 meters after each touch before advancing again 
  • After 6 tocuhes, possession changes to the other team. If you drop the ball, possession changes to the other team   
  • To score a try, the attacking team must place the ball over the line. A try results in 1 point

To watch some professionals  in action, click here