IEC hosts a number of events throughout the year which are geared towards students planning careers as Entrepreneurs and Innovators.

Speaker Events

We regularly host speaker series to raise entrepreneurship and innovation interest in students and to learn from successful entrepreneurs, businesses, angel investors and VCs. 

On Tuesday 5 October 2021, the Club was delighted to host Kağan Sümer, CEO of Gorillas. We learnt about how the company started, their growth story, and gain insights for prospective entrepreneurs. 


3Ps (Pitches, Pizza and Pints)

This monthly event gathers all the entrepreneurs and curious students for a session of pitch and networking. Come as you are and listen to 3 to 5 start-up pitches from your peers. The idea is to generate questions, ideas and connections in a positive and fun environment.


Visiting the offices of startups and tech giants enable us to connect and network with brilliant founders and alumni, as well as learn about their respective company cultures.

Women’s Health Awareness Week (14-18 March 2022)

A series organized in collaboration with Healthcare Club. 

Shaping the Future of Women’s Health (Keren Leshem, CEO & Founder, OCON)

OCON’s CEO, Keren Leshem is a seasoned executive with over 20 years’ experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, specializing in the management of innovative start-ups, strategy, commercialization, business development, and financing. She was recently dubbed as one of the three women shaping the future of women’s health by Forbes Magazine. Prior to leading OCON Healthcare, Keren held various global CEO, board, and management positions within the pharmaceutical and medical industries both in Israel and abroad. She currently sits on FemTech Lab’s admissions and advisory board as well as LSX’s advisory board and is a mentor thru the 8400 Healthtech Network.

Intro to FemTech and Sexual Wellbeing (Jingjin Liu, CEO, Founder of ZaZaZu, INSEAD EMBA’19Dec & Margaret Melville, Founder of Amie Health, INSEAD MBA’21D)
Jingjin, founder of ZaZaZu, the first sexual wellbeing hub in Asia that synchronizes education, consultation and product to empower women to own their sexuality with confidence. Having exited her first business in automotive sector 2019, Jingjin followed her passion to start a business that challenges status quo and help women to remove self limiting beliefs. Beside that, Jingjin is an Angel investor, a LP in two VCs and EIR at INSEAD.
Margaret (INSEAD 21D) is the CEO and Founder of Amie Health, a digital health platform to support women with chronic illnesses.
Amie Health mobile app combines digital health coaching with AI-powered personalization for the future of chronic illness management. Amie Health works with employers, hospitals, and insurance providers to fill a critical gap in care, resulting in improved healthcare at lower costs. Amie Health was inspired by Margaret’s experience with an autoimmune disease where she struggled for decades before getting a diagnosis. Her experience is not unique, up to 83% of women with chronic illness have faced gender discrimination from doctors – having their symptoms dismissed, ignored, and questioned. Previously, Margaret worked at USAID’s Global Health Center for Innovation and cofounded a company designing medical devices for low- and middle-income countries.

Innovative contraceptive solutions and beyond (Dallas Barnes, CEO & Founder, Reya Heath)
Dallas is the founder and CEO of FemTech startup Reya Health. Reya makes navigating birth control easy and empowering for people with periods. Reya’s digital platform and smart algorithms utilize in depth member profiles to match people with birth control solutions and help them manage any side effects or symptoms. Reya is a Founder Institute portfolio company of the 2020 Silicon Valley cohort, was featured on CBC Radio, and the FemTech Focus podcast among numerous others.
Dallas a graduate from the Sauder School of Business at UBC. Before becoming an entrepreneur herself, Dallas consulted Canadian Indigenous entrepreneurs on their business plans. Now her main focus is working towards revolutionizing the birth control experience for all contraceptive users. Dallas was featured as one of the top FemTech Personalities in North America and she sits on the board and steering committee for FemTech Canada, a government supported organization that supports women’s health innovation in Canada.
FireSide Chat with Medical Professionals (fully in person): Conversation with three local women’s health experts hosted
Daniëlle van Kol; Senior Pain Management Physiotherapist
• Dr. Carolina Ercolino; Gynecologist
Oriana Kraft; Former medical student