Mentoring Programme

INSEAD Women in Business Mentoring Programme

Under the auspices of the IWiB mentoring programme, we have now launched a new pilot, in partnership with OneUpOneDown, a women-led mentoring initiative which specialises in making highly relevant mentor matches for women in business.  This chapter of the IWiB mentorship programme will be underpinned by the near-peer mentorship style where mentees are matched with mentors who are a couple of steps ahead in specific personal and professional development areas, thus allowing for a relatable and meaningful engagement. Testimonials on near-peer mentorship programmes consistently echo that it is highly rewarding for the mentor, not just the mentee and is an excellent way to develop leadership and communication capabilities.

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to participate in the first round this programme. It is a chance for you, the potential mentor to channel all those mental (or written!) notes that you would tell your past INSEAD self – and a chance for you, the potential mentee to access those notes of Women in Business who walked a similar path before you!

Reach out to [email protected] or to us –  [email protected], to sign up.

Let’s empower and inspire!

About OneUpOneDown: 

OneUpOneDown is a women-led organisation driven by a mission to transform how people connect, through the practice of mentorship. 

They specialise in making highly relevant mentor matches for women in business and technology, supporting women into leadership positions and operating at their full potential. 

Learn more about OneUpOneDown here: