2024 – Events

BCG & Healthcare: “Discover the unique capabilities of BCG in the healthcare industry”

Mar 7, 2024 12:00 PM Paris (CET)

An informative session on BCG’s specific capabilities in the healthcare industry, addressing

  • differences between BCG and boutique consulting firms in the healthcare space
  • differences between working in healthcare consulting versus working for the strategy department of a Pharma or MedTech company

Speaker: Nathan Rarick (Principal – Healthcare , BCG)

For queries, please contact: [email protected]

2023 – Events

Healthcare Club’s trek to Paris – October 2023

The INSEAD Healthcare Club organised a trek to Paris this past Wednesday on 4th October 2023.
We thank all the INSEAD students and healthcare organisations in Paris for their participation.

During the trek, we:
– Started at Eli Lilly and Company , where we delved into the firm’s commitment to impact and purpose
– Explored the PariSanté Campus and its vibrant ecosystem fostering innovation
– Gained insights into the extensive humanitarian work of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
– Visited Owkin and discovered how AI is revolutionizing precision medicine throughout the drug development process

Finally, we concluded the day with a INSEAD Healthcare Club Alumni France mixer at Paris.Watch out for this space for subsequent posts about our visit !!


L.E.K Consulting session about its Life sciences practice and the role of the Consultant – March 2023

L.E.K. Consulting is a global management consulting firm that addresses the most complex commercial issues for some of the world’s most successful businesses. Clients come to us time and again because we have proven to be a trusted partner that is able to provide insight and impact. We are uncompromising in our approach to helping our clients to consistently make better strategic decisions, deliver improved business performance and create greater shareholder value. 

The Consultant role within the Life Science Practice, offers exposure to multiple industry sub-sectors, types of projects (long term strategy, due diligence, commercial planning, etc) and a wide variety of commercial challenges, allowing you to apply your knowledge, experience and passion within the business environment.

On Wednesday 29th March, at 13:00 (CET) Pallavi, Venetia and Charles will be discussing in more detail about the Life Sciences practice and the role of the Consultant. There will be lots of opportunity to ask questions and find out more about L.E.K. and the career opportunities we have to offer.

Q&A session on “Cracking Recruitment in Healthcare” – March 2023

This 45-minute Zoom session brought together alumni from the healthcare industry to discuss the challenges and opportunities of recruiting talent in pharma and healthcare consulting.


2022 – Events

CEO of Nestlé Health Science – September 2022


L.E.K (Consulting – Life Sciences) – September 2022


On 12th September, a webinar was organised with 2 INSEAD alumni: Greg Behar (CEO) and Allen Chen (Manager Buis. Dev.). They were together with the Global Head of HR & Talent, Anneke Verheul.

L.E.K. Consulting hosted a special event for the HC club members on the Fontainebleau campus. It was a great opportunity to find out more about its Life Sciences Practice and meet people in the Team. 

Pharma Trek to Basel – August 2022

On Friday 27th August, an INSEAD delegation made of 22Js, 22Ds, and 23Js visited the campuses of Novartis and Roche in Basel, Switzerland.
Generous alumni hosted the group at both companies and welcomed them with campus tours, panel discussions, and networking event providing perspective on the Swiss pharma industry to these cohorts and reinforcing our alumni network.


Healthcare Conference – 19th May 2022

A warm thank you to our sponsor Tech4Eva.

logo tech4eva

Human lifespan has been increasing over the years, thanks to the advancements in lifestyle and healthcare technology. Yet, this quantity of life years not always has translated into its quality. According to some estimates, humanity could add as many as 45 billion extra years of higher-quality life — up to six years per person. So, this daunting task would require reimagining how we view healthcare and solutions that could be sustainably scaled to create global impact while having resource constraints. Some of those solutions may lie in digital technology as it is, by its nature, flexible, scalable, and drives efficiency along the value chain.

And together with renowned Health AI\BigData experts, Digital Diagnostics/Therapeutics leaders and founders from different sectors including women’s health, oncology and many others, we will further our conversation on how technology can help us address some of the most burning and tangible gaps in healthcare today, improve outcomes and increase the quality of our lives.

The event is organized in partnership with a FemTech community and start-up accelerator Tech4Eva that offers a 9 month FemTech start-up acceleration program for companies developing innovative solutions to improve technologies relating to women’s health. Discover Tech4Eva: We accelerate women’s health innovations. More info on  

Alira Health – Bocconi Case Competition – March 2022

INSEAD was represented by the Green Lantern team (Nancy LI, Claire WANG, Josh CALLAN, Tim GUBATENKO, and Jan CORNEVIN) who took the 2nd place in the 2022 Alira Health Case Competition organized by SDA Boconi!

They presented their case end of March in the final against top MBA school teams and conceded the first place only to the Bocconi team.


Big Tech in Healthcare

Does Big Tech need healthcare? And does healthcare need Big Tech? What is the value of technology for healthcare professionals? Join this panel debate to learn more!

April 21st 1-2 PM CET / 3-4 PM GST / 7-8 PM SGT

Online event. 

Women’s Health Awareness Week (14-18 March 2022)

a series organized in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Club. 

Shaping the Future of Women’s Health (speaker: Keren Leshem, CEO & Founder, OCON)

OCON’s CEO, Keren Leshem is a seasoned executive with over 20 years’ experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, specializing in the management of innovative start-ups, strategy, commercialization, business development, and financing. She was recently dubbed as one of the three women shaping the future of women’s health by Forbes Magazine. Prior to leading OCON Healthcare, Keren held various global CEO, board, and management positions within the pharmaceutical and medical industries both in Israel and abroad. She currently sits on FemTech Lab’s admissions and advisory board as well as LSX’s advisory board and is a mentor thru the 8400 Healthtech Network.
Intro to FemTech and Sexual Wellbeing (Jingjin Liu, CEO, Founder of ZaZaZu, INSEAD EMBA’19Dec & Margaret Melville, Founder of Amie Health, INSEAD MBA’21D)

Jingjin, founder of ZaZaZu, the first sexual wellbeing hub in Asia that synchronizes education, consultation and product to empower women to own their sexuality with confidence. Having exited her first business in automotive sector 2019, Jingjin followed her passion to start a business that challenges status quo and help women to remove self limiting beliefs. Beside that, Jingjin is an Angel investor, a LP in two VCs and EIR at INSEAD.
Margaret (INSEAD 21D) is the CEO and Founder of Amie Health, a digital health platform to support women with chronic illnesses. Amie Health mobile app combines digital health coaching with AI-powered personalization for the future of chronic illness management. Amie Health works with employers, hospitals, and insurance providers to fill a critical gap in care, resulting in improved healthcare at lower costs. Amie Health was inspired by Margaret’s experience with an autoimmune disease where she struggled for decades before getting a diagnosis. Her experience is not unique, up to 83% of women with chronic illness have faced gender discrimination from doctors – having their symptoms dismissed, ignored, and questioned. Previously, Margaret worked at USAID’s Global Health Center for Innovation and cofounded a company designing medical devices for low- and middle-income countries.

Innovative contraceptive solutions and beyond (speaker: Dallas Barnes, CEO & Founder, Reya Heath)

Dallas is the founder and CEO of FemTech startup Reya Health. Reya makes navigating birth control easy and empowering for people with periods. Reya’s digital platform and smart algorithms utilize in depth member profiles to match people with birth control solutions and help them manage any side effects or symptoms. Reya is a Founder Institute portfolio company of the 2020 Silicon Valley cohort, was featured on CBC Radio, and the FemTech Focus podcast among numerous others.
Dallas a graduate from the Sauder School of Business at UBC. Before becoming an entrepreneur herself, Dallas consulted Canadian Indigenous entrepreneurs on their business plans. Now her main focus is working towards revolutionizing the birth control experience for all contraceptive users. Dallas was featured as one of the top FemTech Personalities in North America and she sits on the board and steering committee for FemTech Canada, a government supported organization that supports women’s health innovation in Canada.
FireSide Chat with Medical Professionals (fully in person)
conversation with three local women’s health experts hosted
Daniëlle van Kol; Senior Pain Management Physiotherapist
• Dr. Carolina Ercolino; Gynecologist
Oriana Kraft; Former medical student

2021 – Events

flyer 9 nov

Guest speakers:

Join INSEAD’s Healthcare Club across three sessions to discuss Innovation in Healthcare via a Virtual Conference.

  • June 15th, 2021, 7 PM-8 PM CEST / 9PM-10PM GST | Business Model Innovation in Healthcare
  • June 16th, 2021, 7 PM-8 PM CEST / 9PM-10PM GST | Technological Innovation in Healthcare
  • June 17th, 2021, 7 PM-8 PM CEST / 9PM-10PM GST | Investment Innovation in Healthcare

More information and registration link here

All ticket proceeds will be donated to Miracle Feet, an organization tackling clubfoot. If you’d like to donate more, please click here.

Organized by the INSEAD Healthcare Club, for any questions please contact the team : [email protected]