“INSEAD welcomes LGBTQ prospects, students, staff and faculty with open arms”

Minh Huy LAI,  Managing Director, INSEAD MBA programme & OUTSEAD member

What is OUTSEAD? 

OUTSEAD is a fun-loving and inclusive club representing the LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer/Questioning, and others) community at INSEAD. The club’s purpose is to foster an inclusive atmosphere for everyone on campus, and provide a social network for community members and allies alike.

We make a difference by:

  • Raising awareness of minority issues and preventing discrimination.
  • Fostering opportunities for personal and professional growth for the LGBT community.
  • Providing a social network for all community members.
  • Offering OUTSEAD membership and meetings to students, staff, faculty and alumni.

The team behind OUTSEAD:

Nathaniel Kenninger

Nathaniel Kenninger

OUTSEAD Alumni Organization

Nathaniel is your traditional corn-fed, Indiana boy – just a little bit gayer. After graduating from Indiana University, Nathaniel worked at Bain & Company in Chicago and then at PepsiCo in both Miami and Mexico City. Nathaniel was an active member of BGLAD (Bain’s LGBT affinity network) and co-founded the PepsiCo EQUAL network in Mexico. He is passionate about creating inclusive communities and supporting LGBTQ employee resource groups. While at INSEAD, Nathaniel will work to create a more robust and formalized OUTSEAD alumni network.

Dominik Egger

Dominik Egger

Awareness and New Student Experience

Born and raised in Switzerland, Dominik is the typical INSEAD student: A European white male McKinsey consultant. Happy to still being able to contribute to the diversity of this fantastic management school, he once in a while highlights his strong preference for rainbow colours he has been born with. After having set-up an LGBT focused mentorship program during his undergrad, he was actively involved in GLAM – the LGBT network of McKinsey. Putting high value on authenticity and inclusion, Dominik will focus on building awareness and ensuring a good experience for new incoming students during his time at INSEAD.

David Li

David Li

External Outreach

Growing up in a conservative Asian household, David believed that attraction to men was a critical error in human programming. His perception towards LGBT changed when he was introduced to gay rugby, in which its members were far from the narrow stereotype he had been avoiding. Today, David is passionate about challenging stereotypes among race, sexual orientation, and gender.



Edoardo Frangi

Edoardo Frangi


Born in Italy and trained as a violinist, Edoardo graduated in both Philosophy and Economics and developed a sensitivity and passion for integration and inclusion in the workplace and communities. Currently a management consultant, he is an active member in GLAM (McKinsey LGBT alliance), and is directly involved in leading and promoting awareness and integration activities in McKinsey. While attending INSEAD, he will be involved in establishing relationships and networks with Asian based companies and in increasing awareness of LGBT topics between INSEAD and corporations.


View past committee members.


How to get involved:

Our success is predicated on having not just the LGBTQ+ community involved but also straight allies! Please e-mail us at outsead@insead.edu if you are interested in joining to work on our initiatives. We can use everyone’s help to understand perceptions of the new student experience, as well as getting contact information of INSEAD alumni and LGBTQ+ employee resource groups.


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